Pablo Lerner hurdy-gurdy player

Pablo Lerner

I was born in Argentina , but I studied music in Brazil and in Hungary . The outcome: I play tekerőlant (hungarian hurdy gurdy) trying to make it sound as a rabeca (a brazilian fiddle). I play music from the northeast of Brazil , originally played on rabeca and accordion.

Hurdy Gurdy is almost unknown in Brazil, but northeastern brazilian music has a medieval, modal, flavour that makes the songs suitable for a burdon instrument like hurdy gurdy.

I learnt Hurdy gurdy at Óbudai Népzenei Iskola ( School of Folk music of Óbuda) in Budapest from Balázs Nagy.
It was a great experience. Balázs is also the builder of my hurdy gurdy.

I live in Budapest.

Bordao de cego Project, live at CCBN-Sousa, Paraiba, Brazil