Marianna Majorosi dancers, singers - Békéscsaba, Hungary


Mss. Marianna Majorosi and Richárd Kökény My name is Marianna Majorosi. I was born on 15 September, 1969 in Békéscsaba. I spent my elementary and secondary schoolyears there. During that time I was dancing in the Balassi Bálint Dance Company.
I begin dancing and singing at the age of 9. In the smaller groups I already had smaller task as a solo singer. In the adult group -besides dancing- I performed songs in solo. I sang alone on school events and on other town programmes.
I attended the Training College for Kindergarten Teachers in Szarvas from 1988. I took the degree of my profession and I also got the qualification of a dance teachers for children. When I was a member of the Tessedik Dance Group I tought groups of children at the 1.-3. grades. I have been dancer of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble since November 1990. My singer tasks in the Ensemble made me meet regulary a singing teacher. In 1993 I because a pupil of Klára Bodza.
In 1994 I got the title 'Young Master of Folk Art' in the folk singer category. The just audio casette on which I sang was made in The same year. We worked on a Bácskai material with the HungarianTambura Ensemble. In the next few yeras I sang on The recoids: -Táncháztalálkozó XV., XVI. /Meeting of folk dance houses XV., XVI./ -Új élő népzene /New living folk bands.
I have been The singer of the Bekecs folk band since 1994. We go regullary to concert tours to Hungary and to Europe /The Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany /. After having collected and used source materials "The Ensemble made a casette "Szól a kakas" /The cock is singing/, on which I also sing. I sing not only in The 'Bekecs' Ensemble but in the 'Csík' Ensemble, as well. This work producted two CD's: 'Boldog szomorú dal' /Happy sad song /, 'Tiszta szívvel' /Whith clear heart/.
In 1998 the Jász Museum in Jászberény asked me to sign up the region's folk songs to casette,together whith informants.It's title is 'A jászsági zöld erdőben'/In the deep forest of the Jászság/. In Százhalombatta I teach singing to The town's dance groups for 4 years.Since 1998 I have also been The leader of a singing school, which started it's work with 6 people. Besides my singing career dancing also plays an important part in my life. At present I'm an active dancer in the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and I have also been assistant of the choir of female dancers for 3 years.
I attend the National Academy of Dance Art, I take part in middle-level training of dance art. These -two activities are the most important for me but I also enjoy pedagogical work. Firs time I was Sándor Tímár's assistant for 1 year at the Bartók Dance Company.I have been teaching young and adult groups for 3 years, together with Richard Kökény.
Our works could be seen at the Szolnok Festival and in the programme 'Hungarian Folk Dance Antology'. I tought two dance materials in 2 choreographies in 1989, on The Competition of Young Coreographers.I got to know there the Kis-Csepel Dance Company /lead by Edit Varga/, The Vadrózsa Dance Group/lead by Zoltán Palkovics/ and the Tisza Dance Company from Szolnok. Two years ago we lead course at the Golden Shell Festival, Siófok and we hold folk dance, houses regullarly on The Folk Dance House Festival and in the first folk dance houses, Budapest.

Adresse: Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
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